Music         Lessons
During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jason came together with Greg Lewis to create a dynamic, living work that would not only connect them but also bridge them to their communities. Thus arrived their most recent LP, ‘Living Bridges,’ featuring an assortment of original compositions and improvisations dedicated to their friends, family, and mentors. Recorded during the summer of 2021, Oberman and Lewis safely got together for two days to write and record the album in Lewis’s garage. The work continued to be shaped remotely, as Jason and Greg layered tracks from across the Atlantic. The music was then used as inspirations for visual art and short films from Jacqueline Andrews and Valentina Rosset. Link to Album and video by Rosset below. (2023)

Jason has also been working on a singersongwriter project exploring alternate tunings on classical and acoustic guitars. His study of the Hindustani instrument, the esraj, also appears in some of his new songs. Here’s a piece from Jan 1 2023.

Jason Oberman paired with Rafael Luna to record an album of original flute and guitar music. Jason focused on radical alternate tunings as a method for composing, and the album is deeply personal for both musicians. It’s about transformation and the ways in which events alter us, thereby changing our colors. Artwork by Serena Hughes. (2019)

Jason performs a solo guitar piece composed during the pandemic. In honor of his late teacher and mentor Alex Diambrini. (2020)